Taste of the World Recipes

Welcome to our “Taste of the World” Recipe Collection.

We’ve chosen a delicious recipe to represent each of our language ministries. Let your imagination take you around the world, and then taste, test, and enjoy.

Ukrainian Ministry: Classic Ukrainian Borscht.

Borscht is originally Ukrainian but it is made by most Slavic people and is also a very common food in Russia. Can be spelled as Borscht, Borsch, or Borshch. View Recipe

Spanish Ministry: Honduran Baleadas

Neither a burrito, nor a taco, baleadas are just Hondurans’ most beloved street food. Making baleadas is as ‘Catracho’ (colloquial term for Hondurans) as it gets! Baleadas are perfect as a hearty breakfast or brunch. Or stuff baleadas with toppings of your choice! View Recipe

Low German Ministry: Chipa from Paraguay

This recipe from Paraguay makes 3 dozen little soft, chewy cheesy pillows. They are made from Cassava flour (called Mandioca flour in Spanish) or Tapioca Starch / flour, therefore making them gluten free. View Recipe

Arabic Ministry: Egyptian Koshari

Koshari, a popular Egyptian dish, is made of rice, macaroni, and lentils and topped with chickpeas, onion, and a special tomato-vinegar sauce. It is known as a “poor man’s dish” as the ingredients are staple items that could be found in any pantry. View Recipe

Russian Ministry: Black Bread

Black bread is a symbol of wealth and health, and is the traditional staple food of Russia. Slavs believe that people who share bread become friends forever. View Recipe

Micah’s Super Vlog: Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kids and cookies are a natural combination; just like kids and cartoons. Try these crowd-pleasing favourites. View Recipe

Beautiful Unique Girl: Mango Peach Smoothie

For breakfast, snack, or just because, smoothies are healthy, delicious, and super simple to make. Just blend, serve and enjoy! View Recipe

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