Square One World Media gives another Advent gift ...

This week of Advent, Square One World Media's archives provide listening pleasure in English with both the Gospel Light Singers and the FLN Kids Choir and then in Russian with the Russian Choir.  

'Go Tell it on the Mountain' is performed by the FLN Kids Choir under the direction of Marianne Enns with Karl Kohut using his gift of playing bass on this particular Christmas Carol. 'Come All ye Shepherds' is performed by the Gospel Light Singers and is a less known Christmas carol.  With the last number coming to you from the Russian Choir and they perform the song 'Speak to my Soul Dear Jesus' in the Russian language which is one of the six languages that Square One World Media ministers in.

We hope you enjoy these three selections from our archives!  God has blessed us as a ministry with a rich history of many people lending their musical gifts to further the Kingdom of God!  In this our 70th year, we are grateful that we can share some of these Christmas songs with you.

Click here to enjoy these 3 songs for the second week of Advent

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