On the Road Again: Beautiful Unique Girl Launches Live “I AM” Events

After a break of several years, Beautiful Unique Girl (BUgirl) is on the road again. The first Live Event took place in Winkler, MB on May 2 on the theme of “I AM”. So many girls believe lies about themselves: “I am dumb. I am ugly. I am not worth anything.” The I AM theme puts the truth of who we are in God’s eyes front and center. “I am loved! I am worthy! I am enough!”

Sherryl, Matt and Ingrid joined Kaylyn for the first event on May 2. Says Ingrid, “A highlight for me was seeing how the girls respond to Kaylyn and to the BUgirl message. At the beginning of the event, they sat as far back as possible. We saw them gradually move forward as the evening progressed, and they became relaxed and open.”

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