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It is exciting to hear how God is at work all around the world and to know that media can often touch the lives of those in isolated and restricted communities like nothing else can!

Low German update: Irene Marsch just returned from a ministry trip to Bolivia and met many in isolated communities there who have heard her radio program 'Health Talks with Nurse Irene' and have benefited from both the physical well being knowledge Irene shares and also the Scriptural knowledge she shares in her radio program.  On this trip, Irene was also able to deliver many copies of her book of fables called "Hast Du Aul Gelast?" to children and their families as she met them in local market places, homes, churches, community centers and other places where people gather. One father (of a very large family) asked for copies of her book to share secretly with neighbours of his as he knew the books would help him share about Jesus Christ with them.

Executive Director:  Shoaib Ebadi, our new executive director was the host of a live TV show and is quite comfortable in front of the camera.  As a result he will be filming some short meditations on Advent and Christmas that will be available on our Facebook page, as well as this news page, beginning the first Sunday of Advent.  We look forward to hearing from you about the content and delivery of these meditations!

Spanish:  Marina Pinto has almost completed all 20 Encuentro for Women radio programs she hoped to record this year!  It is encouraging to hear from radio program directors who have aired the programs that women are not only listening but requesting further counsel and direction on the topics covered and what it means to become a follower of Jesus Christ. The HCJB program director for Ecuador let Marina know that not only is the program of a great quality but that she speaks so personally to women it makes the program easy to listen to.

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