Jordan St.Cyr excited to partner with Square One

From October 11-24, Jordan St.Cyr will be partnering with Micah’s Super Vlog on the 10-city “Cartoons and Cool Tunes” fundraising and ministry tour.

As a Christian musician, Jordan has a passion to reach God’s people with a message of love and hope. As a husband and father, he wants to influence his culture and help shape the next generation. That’s why Micah’s Super Vlog is such a good fit for him, and why he’s excited to give his time and energy to this tour.

Jordan and his wife Heather want to do more than teach their kids what they stand for; they want to show them! He explains, “Me being on the road with ‘Cartoons and Cool Tunes’ is just the kind of example we want to set for our children.”

Jordan appreciates the way Square One pairs a missional outlook with quality production. For him, that makes Square One a ministry worth investing in.

He is excited that the Micah’s Super Vlog cartoons have the kind of production level he finds on the cartoon network, and they are so engaging. AND they do all this while teaching kids what it means to follow Christ.

The final endorsement from Jordan? “Mostly I’m excited about Micah’s Super Vlog because the toughest critics in my house love to watch it!” And who are these tough critics? His kids!

Check out Jordan and Micah's Super Vlog next month at Cartoons and Cool Tunes: The Tour.

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