Fourth Advent gifts from Square One to you ...

As we enter the fourth week of Advent, we have once again put together a collection of 3 songs from our archives for you to enjoy!  'Et Incarnatus' is from the FLN Kids Choir CD.  This children's choir was under the direction of Marianne Enns and this particular song features a solo by the famous John Ens.  'O Du Froehliche, O Du Seilige' is a popular German song performed by the German Chor.  Marni Enns, with her most beautiful voice, sings the carol 'Sleep Holy Babe'.  Click here to enjoy these 3 songs.

LOVE is the focus of the fourth week of Advent.  A word so often misused here in North America.  Shoaib Ebadi, our Executive Director here at Square One World Media teaches on the LOVE we can find in Jesus Christ who came as a baby to this earth to die and rise again, all because of his great LOVE for us!  Click here to watch this video!

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