Ernesto and Marina in Honduras

Many Hondurans are facing desperate circumstances. Severe flooding in the south, violence, corruption, and high underemployment are just a few of the factors causing people to leave the life they know and join the caravan of people who are walking toward a better future in America.

So many people are doing this that they have made the news in North America. Why are they going when the trip is dangerous, and there is no welcome for them at the end of it? Says Ernesto, “When people have lost all hope, then they also lose all fear.”

Ernesto and Marina are in Honduras during this tumultuous time. They are seeing first-hand the desperation of the people. Our prayer as a ministry is that people will grasp onto the Gospel message as their hope; that whether they stay where they are, or pack up and leave, they will discover the truth that God is their refuge and a strong tower against the foe.

While in Honduras, Ernesto and Marina are both interviewing people for their radio programs. Ernesto has also made several guest appearances on local radio and television stations.

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