Eduard & Heidi – Running the Race in Bolivia

Eduard and Heidi Giesbrecht are in their 4th year of producing “Ekj Ran” (I Run) from their home studio in Villa Neuva, Bolivia. They work with team members Julio and Regine Jordan to produce the program in both radio and video formats. “Ekj Ran” features testimonies, interviews and biblical teaching on topics that matter to youth from the conservative Low German speaking communities of South America. It also features contemporary Christian music by David Toews, whose hit song “Ekj Ran un Jaew Nich Opp” (I Run and Don’t Give Up) is the most listened to Low German song on YouTube.

Eduard and Heidi are also involved with youth camps and community evangelism. They spoke at a Teen Camp in Paraguay on April 20-22. They are currently planning evangelistic meetings for the middle of May, featuring an evangelist from Brazil. In Eduard’s words, “The evangelist comes with a truck that is equipped with sound, light and everything needed to create an event in the midst of nowhere.” They hope to gather audiences from the conservative colonies.

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