Christmas Greetings and Gifts from Square One to you ...

From all of us at Square One World Media, we would like to wish you a most meaningful and joy filled celebration of Jesus Christ coming to earth!  May this Christmas be one where the mystery and majesty of this event are embraced by you and those you love!

We have two gifts for you this Christmas … 3 songs from our archives for you to enjoy and a short teaching video from Shoaib Ebadi, our Executive Director.  Click here to watch the video.

The 3 songs chosen for you this Christmas are … ‘Angel’s Lullaby’ by the FLN Kids Choir with a solo by Weldon Neufeld … an all-time favourite sung in Low German ‘Stelle Nacht’ by the Gospel Light Singers and ‘Jesu Bambino’ by the Gospel Light Singers.  Click here to download these 3 Christmas carols. 

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