Celebrating 25 years of Encuentro Radio Ministry

In 2019, we are celebrating 25 years of the Encuentro radio ministry! Encuentro radio with Ernesto Pinto began reaching Hispanic people for Jesus on one Winnipeg radio station in 1994. Today, Encuentro airs in every Spanish speaking country in the world. The Spanish ministry also includes Encuentro Familiar with Marina Pinto, Realidad with Oscar Sanchez, 180 Grados for TV, a social media presence, and live speaking engagements.

Here's a look back at a few "Then and Now" photos!

Then (1994)…  Ernesto Pinto was a pastor with the MB Church’s Missions and Church Extension (MCE) in 1994 when the idea for Encuentro, the Spanish language radio program, was developed. Ernesto (seated) shown with Assistant Director Delbert Enns (center), Executive Director Burton Buller (right), and MCE Director Neil Block.

Now (2017)… Ernest (at right), live on Radio in Honduras with Executive Director Shoaib Ebadi and board member Henry Reimer in November, 2017.

Then (2003)… Dorothy Siebert was the first administrator and counsellor for the Spanish ministry, followed by Ruth Klassen and then Nicole Duerksen. The first technical producer of Encuentro was Neil Klassen, followed by Dan Klaue in 2000, and then David Pinto.

The Spanish team in 2003: (standing) Ernesto Pinto, (seated, from left) Nicole Duerksen, Ruth Klassen and David Pinto.

Now (2016)… The Spanish team in 2016: from left, David Pinto, Nicole Duerksen, Grant Hoeppner (technical producer), Marina Pinto (radio host), and Ernesto Pinto.

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