A Look Back…

In 2019, we've been taking a look back at some "Then and Now" photos of our ministries here at Square One! Below is a look back at the various forms of Low German ministry over the years!

Then (1988)… John J. Neufeld (J.J.) and his wife Margaret, hold the first copy of J.J.’s Low German translation of the Bible. From 1959 to 1987, J.J. taught a book by book study of the Bible on the Low German program, Licht Vom Evangelium. Gerhard Friesen became the German program producer in 1987 and Jacob Funk took over the ministry in 1995.

Now (2013)
… From left: Jacob Funk, Gwendolyn Penner, Girish Manuel and Helen Funk toast the release of the children’s Low German Bible Storybook (Book 2, the New Testament) with sparkling apple juice. Written by Helen, illustrated by Girish, designed by Gwendolyn.

Then (1970s)
… Radio Speakers Agnes Schmidt (English, Words for Women 1971-1978) and J.J. Neufeld (Low German, Licht Vom Evangelium 1959-1987) wait their turn while D.B. Wiens (Russian program, 1957-1981, and High German, Licht Des Evangliums, 1975-1978) records at the mic.

Now (2016)
… On a trip to Bolivia to distribute her first book – “Hast Du aul Jelaest” for Low German-speaking children – Irene Marsch shows a family group how she colours her illustrations with pencil crayons.

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