70th Celebration Events across Canada

 The month of October was spent focusing on the faithfulness of God to the ministry of Square One World Media over the past 70 years!  In order to celebrate this milestone, events were held across Canada with the first one on October 13th in Abbotsford, BC followed by our Gala Night on October 20th in Winnipeg, MB then onto Waldheim, SK on October 24th for another event and the tour ending with our final event on October 28th in Kitchener, ON.  

It was exciting to meet supporters of the ministry from all across Canada, to hear their stories of personal connection to the ministry ... from a woman telling of her 10 year old sister sending in a dime to support Henry Brucks and Henry Poetker so they could air their first ministry program with Gospel Light Hour, to meeting a man who has supported the ministry for 70 years, to hearing the 'Gospel Light Singers'  who reunited just to serve us with 2 lovely musical numbers for the Gala Night in Winnipeg, to a couple sharing stories of their delight of being the ones to air the first woman's program on radio, to a former BUgirl intern sharing her incredible gift of singing the songs she has written to worship God, to having our international partners from the US, Russia and Ukraine join us for our celebrations!

Thank you to everyone who attended, celebrated with us, and supported the ministry of Square One World Media.  Without your partnership we could not share the message of Jesus Christ through media as we are doing!


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