The Bible Today

The Bible Today Ukraine produces four Christ-centered programs for radio, TV, and the internet. They are:

The Bible Today: A 15-minute radio program for the 45+ demographic that teaches listeners that the Bible is neither ancient nor modern, but eternal.

For the Sake of Love:  A radio program produced for Ukraine’s secular education system that features a well-known Ukrainian family expert who teaches Christian principles for building successful marriage and parenting relationships. For the Sake of Love is also a live format outreach event.

Incredible Stories: A series of short films that are based on true stories of people triumphing in exceptional circumstances. These incredible stories are also produced as radio interviews, blog posts, and featured at video release live events.

Adele’s Diary: A weekly blog that explores the complex human relationships young people face every day. Using a biblical perspective, the posts tackle questions and answers about romantic relationships, falling in love, and living with confidence and meaning.

For more information, and to listen to episodes, visit the The Bible Today Ukraine website.

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