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Ehe un Famielje
Mien Kjarpa een Jeschenkj von Gott
Hast Du Aul Jeläst
Komm Kjikje - Buak 1
Komm Kjikje - Buak 2
Korte Famielje Aundachten (Bauk 1-4)
Licht Vom Evangelium - De Christliche Familje
Licht Vom Evangelium - Jakobusbreef
Licht Vom Evangelium - Matäus 5-7
Licht Vom Evangelium - “Jie selle soo Bäde!”
Licht Vom Evangelium - Openboarung 2+3
Met Helen en de Kjäakj

Low German Bible

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Audio Resources

Komm Kjikje - Old Testament
Komm Kjikje - New Testament
Plautdietsche Bibel​ (MP3) Listen | Download

If you are a Broadcaster and you would like to run any of the above audio programs, please feel free to use our FTP: Username: S1User Password: gsPl19?1 Port: 9021

To download the Plautdietsche Bibel​:
1. Click on the boxes on the left side of the screen to select the files you wish to download then click "Download" on the right side of the screen.
2. Choose destination for file to download to that is easy to find, desktop for example. Click save.
3. This is a zipped folder with many small audio files in it. You will need to unzip the folder to listen to the audio.
4. The audio files are in .mp3 format. If you wish to burn them on to a CD to play in a standard CD player, you will need to convert the files to .wav format.