Low German

Books by Irene Marsch

The 3rd book by writer and illustrator Irene Marsch will be released at the end of May 2019. Titled Gott jeft mie daut Väarajcht eene Fru to sennen, (God Gives Me the Privilege of Being a Woman), this latest volume explores the important and unique gifts each woman – as daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, widow or single – offers her family and community. This book is a very practical resource that includes relational advice based on Scripture, first aid tips, a 9-month illustrated guide to pregnancy for mother and child, and an invitation for readers to commit their lives to Jesus.

Irene’s 2nd book, Mien Kjarpa, een Jeschenkj von Gott! (My Body, A Gift From God!) was released in summer, 2017. This resource book helps parents speak to their children about gender, sexuality, reproduction and more. As always, Irene combines her nursing approach with Scriptural teaching to present the facts in a way that honours God and the people He created.

Irene’s 1st book, Hast Du Aul Jeläst? (Have You Heard?) is a collection of animal fables that teach practical lessons to children of all ages. Topics include gossip, pride, integrity, laziness, and more. Each fable has been beautifully illustrated to make the story come alive.

Each book is narrated by Irene on an enclosed CD. Books are available for purchase through the Square One World Media office in Winnipeg or through the Low German Resources page on this website.